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Link-Com's team has excellent experience in installation, integration, testing, commissioning and customer support of satellite ground stations/terminals and microwave links.
The total number of satellite ground terminals installed by Link-Com Worldwide including Israel exceeded 100 by the end of  2010, out of which 30 are larger than 9m diameter.

List of Projects & Customers:


 Modern Teleports at Gal-On and Ayalon
   sites including three intelsat Std-A and
   one std B (Gal-On) and 11m, 4.5m and
   3.5m stations (Ayalon).
 Installation of multiple add on antennas
   varying from 3m to 11m and upgrade of
   the old large stations at the main teleport
   of Emeq Haela.

Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA)
9m ground station with a Vertex antenna in Jerusalem

antenna in Jerusalem

Antenna farms for all the Cableand DBS companies all over the country including about fifty antennas with sizes of :11, 7.2, 6.1, 4.57 and 3m.

Antenna farms

complete satellite hub head-end including 9.3 and 4.8 Tx/Rx uplinks and an  11 m TVRO.

complete satellite hub head-end

Supply upgrade and installation of
multiple fixed and mobile antennas
(various sizes) as part of various large
scale projects.

Israel Aircraft Industries

   Turnkey delivery and installation of  
   Multiple VRSI 9.3 m Tx/Rx Satellite 
   Earth Stations.


   4.8 m Tx/Rx monitoring & control Station
   for Amos 2.

Israel Aircraft Industries

Medium size Antennas
Satellite terminal (scamp) with 3.5m Vertex antenna on the roof of a 5 floor building in Eilat and various 3.5 and 4.5m terminals for Bezeq, Gilat, Eurocom and AT

Mobile van and Fly-Away
Integration and supply of to Bezeq, IBA and GOI.



 U.S. Embassy - 6.1m TVRO on a roof at

U.S. Embassy

International Activity 

 Belgium – Installation of a complete
   teleport with multiple terminals (3.8, 6.3
   and 9.3m)
 China, Germany , Ghana –
   Satellite hub station (9.3 and 6.3m).
 Various size fixed and transportable
   terminals and GCE also in:  
   Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Russia ,
   Singapore, Holland, Switzerland,
   India, Poland, and more...

international activity

International ActivityInternational Activity


International Activity


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